I will listen to YOUR needs and create a customized retirement plan for YOU. - Anthony F. Blair, President, Agrandar Associates, Inc.
Prepare for Retirement with YOUR customized 401(k) by Agrandar
Prepare for Retirement with YOUR customized IRA by Agrandar

About Agrandar Associates Inc.

Agrandar Associates is dedicated to working closely with employers and employees of the companies we service long after the plan has been put in place. In many cases, there is a diminishing level of service after the sale has been made. This is what sets us apart from other financial services firms.

At Agrandar, we believe that the work really begins after the plan is put in place. We are dedicated to meeting one on one with every employee to develop their goals and objectives. Understanding the individual needs of your company and its employees is the most critical step in a successful retirement plan.

Anthony F. Blair and Barbara Buck

Anthony F. Blair

Anthony F. Blair

Anthony F. Blair
President, CEO

President, CEO

Anthony Blair began his career as a Registered Representative and Registered Principle in Springfield Massachusetts in 1984. After stops on Wall Street, and then to the Lincoln Center area of Manhattan, he relocated to Phoenix Arizona in 1988.

In 1994, he established Agrandar Associates, Inc., a firm dedicated to retirement plans and individual retirement planning. Anthony specializes in qualified plans, including 401(k), IRA, pension, and profit sharing plans, non-qualified plans, as well as key man, and buy sell agreements.

Joanna Moreno

Joanna Moreno

Joanna Moreno
Managing General Agent

Managing General Agent

Originally from Southern California, Joanna Moreno left a career as an Executive/Marketing Assistant and PR Consultant and relocated to Arizona in 2003.

After several years of enhancing her experience as an Executive Assistant and Marketing/PR, she entered into the Insurance Industry in 2006 by providing Sales and Service support. In 2012 she acquired her Life & Health license to further advance her career.

She has joined Agrandar Associates in 2013 to assist providing additional services to new and existing clients, with a commitment to the client and ensuring that their needs are always met.


"Toby started as the financial planner for my employer’s 401K. Shortly after I had started my 401k with my company, there were a couple of major events is our financial situation. My husband was retired, unwillingly, after 15 years with a company, and my father passed away leaving us a modest inheritance to administer. Toby has been instrumental in placing funds and helping preparing us for our early retirement. He has listened to our plan/goals and has found ways to make it work. Thank you Toby."
Phoenix, AZ

"Following a forced retirement and subsequent need to take responsibility for my retirement investments, Toby provided the information , answers, and direction I needed, resulting in a plan providing me significantly greater confidence in success than the typical retirement plan offered through most employers."

"I own two small businesses in the Phoenix area. I met Anthony Blair approximately five years ago and had him set up a 401(k) and Defined Benefits plan for my companies. Anthony walked me through the process, made recommendations about the financial products that we should offer, and was a great help in implementing the plans for the business and my employees. With so many choices and decisions to make, it was great having someone available to take all of the guess work out of the process and make it really easy to implement the programs. The financial products that Anthony recommended have produces incredible results, despite the economic calamities during this time period. The products provide a great mix of upside potential while minimizing the risk. I would recommend Anthony Blair and Agrandar Associates to anyone seeking financial advice and service products. Keep up the great work!"
Paul F.
Scottsdale, AZ

"I want to thank you for your great service to our company during the past two years. You and your team have been instrumental in setting up BillingTree’s 401(k) benefits and getting our company the best diversified plans. Your recommendation of the Guardian products with their managed funds by Stadion has allowed our employees to have a comfort level that their retirement is being managed and can continue to grow with them. Your quarterly informational lunch and learns with our company have kept the employee’s informed and engaged in their 401(k). Your software that runs the hypothetical illustrations has kept the employees informed of their choices and how to plan for the future. Thank you again for your great service to BillingTree. Over the past two years, not only have you become a vendor of choice but a friend."
Lisa Hesser
HR Director, BillingTree

"Anthony has been a great source of information for our companies 401(k)’s needs. He and his staff have always sent us new material and strive to go the extra mile for our employees. We are very please with Agrandar Associates and have directed our employees to use Anthony for their personal financial needs as well"
Davina Tyree
Ristal, Inc.

"My financial adviser, Anthony Blair has been a god send to me. He has given me the best advice with regards to managing my money and has been there for me whenever I have a question or problem. In doing so, he has become a good friend. I trust him and value his advice, and over the years I have profited from that advice."
Gloria Kapla

"Agrandar Associates is like family. I know if problems arise, all I need to do is call for an immediate response. Anthony is honest and knowledgeable in giving good advice about my financial situations. I am fortunate to have Anthony watching out for my financial future. You guys are great!"
Joan Rall

"I would like to commend Anthony Blair for his excellent care and attention he has given to me for many, many years. His knowledge and attention to every detail has him rated very high in my opinion. He returns every call I make and has given me superb service. I consider Anthony one of the best financial planners I have ever worked with."
Bette Seiple